Screen printing

Screen printing process #1Touch Panels use industrial printing machines to manufacture our products. This is usually via custom screen printing, a colour printing method of forcing ink through a masked mesh screen with a rubber squeegee.

Our extensive silk screen printing facilities incorporate fully automatic and semi-automatic print machines, together with purpose built ultra-violet, infra-red and hot air combination dryers.

Screen printing process #2This equipment allows us to manufacture using a full range of solvent and UV curing coloured inks, conductive inks, filters and surface varnishes. We can combine different curing processes on the same print if required.

Our print machines are fitted with anti-static eliminators and automatic film cleaners to remove any contamination. This helps to ensure that the finished item is of the highest quality, as even the smallest of dust particles has the potential to seriously affect the quality of the print.

Screen printing process #4Production quantity units will usually be produced in our screen printing facility. This includes graphic overlay printing, circuit and resistor printing, and even electroluminescent (EL) back-lighting if required. Prototype units can also be screen printed but are often produced digitally instead for speed.

All print filmworks are produced on a high resolution image setter by a specialist third party supplier, producing high definition films at over 5000 dpi. These films are then used to expose the production stencils, to ensure that the completed printed material is of the highest quality.

We have in-house stencil making facilities, washout bays for cleaning screens and solvent reclamation units.

Specialised features

Touch Panels have the capability to incorporate many specialised printed features such as EL back-lighting, linear potentiometers and printed resistors. Please contact our sales team to discuss details of these items.


Touch Panel Products

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