Membrane switch assembly

Our temperature & humidity controlled assembly roomOur team of highly skilled assembly staff, working in temperature and humidity controlled conditions, undertake assembly and test of your product to precision tolerances. This can be as simple as applying a backing adhesive to a graphic overlay, or building a multi-layer membrane keypad with many encapsulated components.

Adding steel tactile domes to a membrane keypadWe can attach most units to backing plates or enclosures, provided by us or free issue from our customers. This allows you to utilise our skilled staff to remove any risk of errors in this critical final process.

Membrane products come in many varied shapes and sizes, which means that the assembly process is different for almost every single item. For this reason most assembly processes cannot be automated and remain a manual task, requiring highly trained personnel with high levels of manual dexterity.

All of our staff have been with the company for a number of years, learning the intricacies of assembly for each product and building up a strong knowledge of the best way to approach any particular assembly.

Product test

Our computerised keypad test stationEach individual membrane switch and encapsulated LED of every membrane keypad or membrane keyboard, is fully tested using our computerised test station running dedicated membrane test software.

Checks are made for correct key codes, confirmed resistance ranges and possible shorts. Any unit that does not completely pass all tests will be rejected. Test records are kept electronically so that we can review and evaluate the performance of any product, and formulate changes to our test processes when required.

Specific resistance values for the same product can vary slightly each time that it is manufactured, this is due to minute variances in ink deposit thickness, solvent evaporation and drying, and is perfectly normal for membrane switches.

Our computerised tester runs hardware interfaces and software that has been developed over many years and supplied by Banair Electronic Engineers.

Touch Panel Products

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