Custom membrane labels & nameplates

A range of digital & screen print nameplatesTouch Panels can provide you with high quality, custom printed labels and nameplates. Screen printed labels, also called membrane labels, are durable colour labels designed to compliment your product.

Text and graphics are sub-surface printed onto a thin film textured polyester substrate, providing a wipe clean surface that is resistant to many chemicals and cleaning agents. Printed details are then viewed through the material which protects them from most forms of accidental damage and scratches.

A permanent 3M acrylic adhesive backing is applied to the label to enable it to adhere to your product. While this adhesive will give a strong and secure bond to the majority of surfaces, we can provide higher specification adhesives for low energy surfaces if required.

Custom label profiles are cut using a die cutting process using our platen press for higher volumes, or with our laser cutter for prototypes and smaller volume productions. Complex shapes can also be accommodated with laser cutting which cannot be achieved with die cutting.

Digital labels

Gerber Edge digital printersIn addition to screen printed items, we can also provide custom digitally printed labels and nameplates.

Text and graphics are surface printed onto very thin, coloured polyester or vinyl film, using our Gerber Edge thermal printer. These films are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including metallic and reflective.

Printed details are fused with the surface of the material using heat and pressure and are scratch resistant, however we can apply a clear over laminate to provide additional protection if required.

We recommend the over laminate for all labels that will be used outdoors, as it provides long lasting UV protection to preserve colours and prevent yellowing or cracking. It also means that they are almost completely waterproof labels.

An EnVision 375 vinyl cutterThe label stock has a permanent adhesive backing which is suitable for most applications. There are material options with higher specification adhesive if required, and even a magnetic substrate.

Profiles are cut using our high speed Gerber Envision plotter and can include complex shapes if required. Finished digital print labels are provided on a roll of silicone release paper for easy removal.

Printing serial number labels on a Brady thermal printerThese digitally printed items are much cheaper to manufacture than similar screen printed items, and tend to be produced at a lower resolution.

Digital labels and nameplates are ideal for simple, high volume items such as logo labels, machine serial number plates, part number labels, and many other products.

Digital labels can be produced with changing serial numbers or references using our Brady thermal printer, with very low set-up costs and they do not require any print filmwork.

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