Membrane keypads & membrane keyboards

A tactile membrane keypad with encapsulated led'sMembrane keypads and membrane keyboards are very versatile electronic components. Constructed of one or more thin film membrane switches, they usually have a durable screen printed graphic overlay on top, providing resistance to a wide range of chemicals while also displaying custom graphics and text.

Due to the way they are constructed, they provide a natural level of protection from dust and moisture ingress equivalent to IP54 standards, making them rugged and long lasting. This basic level of protection can be increased, subject to design specifications, to enable units to have higher ratings up to IP68.

A tactile embossed membrane keypadMembrane keypads can be used in virtually any application that currently uses traditional mechanical switches. With the right specifications they can even operate in extremely harsh environments.

Multiple switches can be incorporated into a single unit, along with embedded components such as LED's or resistors, RFI/EMI shielding, or even EL back-lighting. They can also be embossed with a range of raised profiles to enhance switch positions, logos or other important features. All of this contained within a product that is less than 1mm thick!

A membrane keypad with insert labelsSwitch connections typically exit on one or more flexible ribbon tails close to an edge of the keypad. These tails can be terminated with different connectors, or the contact ends can be left open to mate with standard LIF or ZIF connectors.

A permanent 3M acrylic adhesive backing is applied to the keypad to enable it to adhere to your product. While this adhesive will provide a strong and secure bond to the majority of surfaces, we can provide higher specification adhesives for low energy surfaces if required.

At Touch Panels we design & manufacture custom keypads to order, designed to meet your exact specifications and requirements. We only use high quality materials and components from the leading industry suppliers, ensuring that the finished item is produced to the highest specification and quality.

If you intend to use self-sourced backing plates, we recommend that you free issue them to Touch Panels and allow us to apply the keypads or keyboards. This utilises the skills of our experienced staff in a clean assembly environment, which can avoid many unexpected problems and prevent costly waste.

Thin film membrane switch

Keypads and keyboards contain a number of thin film membrane switches. Each switch is a normally open, momentary contact device made up of a minimum of three layers - an upper flexible contact, a stationary lower contact, and an insulator to hold apart the contacts until pressed.

A graphic overlay can be added to the surface of the product to show custom graphics, display windows and switch positions. An adhesive backing is normally provided to mount the product.

Exploded view of a non-tactile membrane keypad An exploded view of a tactile embossed keypad

Exploded view of a steel dome tactile keypad Another exploded view of a membrane keypad

Membrane keypad & membrane keyboard options:

A wide range of options are available to ensure that the product is tailored to your exact requirements, from tactile feedback of the switches to encapsulated components. Please see below for a list of options to consider.

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