Laser cutting

Our LaserScript LS1290 PRO laser cutterTouch Panels use a LaserScript LS1290 PRO laser cutter/engraver to cut many different types of materials for membrane keypads and other products.

The laser cutter is used mainly for rapid prototype products and low volume production orders. We also use this machine to cut complex shaped parts that cannot be tooled, or would be very expensive to tool.

Laser cutting spacer profilesThe LS1290 has a large working area so that we can use full size stock sheets. Multiple components can be cut from the same sheet, with very little waste.

It has an 80W carbon dioxide laser tube which enables us to cut most plastics, including Perspex up to 25mm thick. Please be aware that we cannot cut metal parts using this machine, however we can provide quotes for cut metal shapes from an approved supplier.

While we are not a specific laser cutting company, we can offer a laser cutting service for various materials. Please call and talk to a member of our sales team if are interested in this service.

Prototyping solution

When used in combination with our Gerber digital printer or 3rd party agency digital prints, our laser cutter allows us to provide a rapid response and prototyping solution that requires no print filmwork or expensive tooling.

LaserScript laser cutters are provided in the UK by HPC Laser.

Touch Panel Products

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