Flexible sensor tags

Myriad Technologies flexible security tagOur flexible sensor tags, sometimes called flexible security tags or retail security tags, are security devices adhered to a product on display in a retail environment. The tag is part of an asset protection system and is designed to activate an associated alarm unit when tampered or removed, to alert the store to a possible attempted theft.

Using our accumulated knowledge of industrial films, adhesives and screen printing techniques, Touch Panels developed a thin-film retail security tag in the mid 1990’s. These security labels are unique to the industry and we quickly gained worldwide patents for the design.

Screen printing our flexible security tagsOur tags incorporate up to four layers of sub-surface screen printed circuitry, as well as custom surface logos and graphics in multiple colours. We manufacture both low and high resistance versions to work with different monitoring solutions.

Many security tagging companies have since used our tag as part of their retail store security systems, replacing outdated options that were previously used. Unlike traditional limpet sensors, our security stickers will adhere to virtually any surface, bend around corners, or even bridge across two separate components.

With clearly printed text and warnings, our flexible sensor tags can be used as a visual deterrent to potential thieves, as well as an effective electronic solution when connected to an alarm system.

Almost everyone will have seen one of our flexible sensor tags protecting a multitude of devices in many large retail chains all around the world. We have developed many bespoke tag styles for our customers, in addition to the range of standard profiles.

Bespoke security tags

We can provide our flexible sensor tag in a variety of standard shapes and sizes. However we can also manufacture bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs, meaning that you never need to compromise your design to use our products.

Please contact us if you would like further information on any of our flexible sensor products.

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