Digital printing

Printing vinyl labels on a Gerber digital printerTouch Panels use a Gerber Edge thermal printer for manufacturing digitally produced products in house. We also use a local digital print company to produce complex digital prints onto higher specification materials.

Printing digital images is both fast and cost effective, with no filmwork required and low set-up costs. Digital print products can be produced in small batches or high volume.

Digitally printed labelsThe Gerber Edge uses a wide range of coloured foils, including metallic and transparent, to apply layers of colour onto a substrate material. This substrate can be simple white or coloured PVC vinyl, polyester label stock, or even more advanced materials such as magnetic or reflective films.

Our Gerber printer uses a combination of heat and pressure to transfer the foil to the substrate; this causes the images to be fused with the substrate surface and makes them scratch resistant.

Most foils and films are outdoor ready right off the machine with a lifespan of 3-5 years. We can apply a clear surface laminate that extends outdoor life up to 10 years and provides additional UV and scratch resistance.

Profile cutting

Printed items can be cut to the required shape and size using our Gerber EnVision 375 plotter, including any internal cut-out's. Labels and nameplates are supplied adhered to a silicone covered backing paper, making it a simple process to peel them off and adhere to your product.

The Gerber is ideally suited to producing simple product labels in low to high volume, Health & Safety signs in industry standard and approved colours, or bespoke signs in whatever combination of colours and materials you require.

Gerber Edge printers and plotters are provided in the UK by Spandex UK.

Third party digital printing

We work closely with a local digital print company to produce digital print overlays and membrane keypads. Using the same industrial films as with our screen printed products, the graphics and images are printed on the reverse of the material by an industrial UV ink jet process.

This process is perfect for quickly manufacturing prototypes or demo products before committing to production quantities.

Serial number labels

Printing serial number labels on a Brady thermal printerEvery membrane switch product we manufacture is labelled with a unique bar-code label, providing a serial number reference and ensuring traceability back to manufacturing processes and material batches.

Labels are produced using our Brady thermal printer onto small polyester labels. This machine can also be used to provide customers with bespoke bar-code and serial number labels. Various label sizes are available, as are specialist materials such as anti-tamper or metallised.

Any quantity from a single label up to thousands of units can be produced quickly and at a low unit price, with very low set-up costs.

Touch Panel Products

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