Die cutting

Die cutting of membrane keypad layersDie cutting is the process of punching parts from a material using a series of cutting formes, composed of metal rules and/or punches. Steel rule die cutting tools can vary greatly in complexity from simple rectangles to multiple, irregular shapes.

Die cutting of flexible security tagsParts for higher volume items are die cut using our clamshell platen press rather than the laser cutter. This press uses highly accurate, knife edge tools (dies) to quickly punch the individual product layers.

Cut parts are then "weeded" to remove the waste portions to prepare them for the next process.

Die cutting can be used to produce industrial gaskets, or more complex membrane keypad components. Unlike laser cutting the die cutting process performs all cutting in a single operation and is therefore very quick, producing large quantities of items at low cost.

All parts are produced to a very tight tolerance ensuring that the assembled product is accurate. Various options for blade profile and width are available, allowing for the cutting of many different materials.

Multiple image tooling

Multiple image platen toolMultiple image tooling is used for items that have very high volume requirements, whether that is a single production batch, or many batches over an extended period of time.

The tool contains multiple images of the required part, or multiple layers of a product that require the same material, so that each press operation punches multiple quantities of parts rather than just single items.

Non-recurring setup costs are higher for multiple image tooling, however consequently finished product unit prices are then lower than single part tooling production. Multiple image tooling is a way of keeping recurring costs as low as possible for long term products.

The image aboveshows a simple multiple image platen tool with the standard ejection rubber removed. The steel knife blades are shown clearly, as are the circular tapered punches.

Do you require a gasket manufacturer?

We are happy to quote for gasket manufacture using non-membrane materials such as neoprene gaskets. Please contact a member of our sales team to discuss your requirement.

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